It’s Official. I said goodbye to MailChimp (and GoDaddy, and Constant Contact) and hello to Flodesk. Want to know why?

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If you’re reading this, we probably something in common– you want to make the best possible newsletter out there, and you love a good deal. Just guessing! Let me let you in on a secret:  As a business owner, I hated newsletters.  The whole idea of them.  I started with Constant Contact.  Then someone told me I could save money on GoDaddy.  It was fine, but I had several people tell me MailChimp was better, so I switched to MailChimp.  It was about the same for me … I wasn’t inspired.  I was NEVER excited about it.  And I got down on myself about that.

Cut to —— FLODESK.  When I discovered this truly awesome platform, it was kind of a dream come true.  I switched right away, and this is what happened:

  • I got seriously excited to write and send out my next newsletter.  I am not kidding you, promise!

The juices get flowing now, fer real.  I think it’s a combination of so many things; the beautiful template choices, the ease of navigation (see more deets on those below), they just make it easy for you.  That really sums it up in a nutshell.

  • I thought all the templates were GORGE.

I don’t have time to individually design each and every email.  I wanted a platform that could effortlessly communicate my story and brand to my audience and potential clients.  Now all of my emails look trendy, on-brand, and they take a fraction of the time to make.  Really, take a look at them here: (  It only takes a single glance to go all bone-less drinking in that beauty.  And at the time of this writing, they have over 30 templates to choose from.  You can use every. Single. One.  No limit to the number of templates you can use.  Mix ‘em up!  Use ‘em all!

  • It is WAY easier to navigate.

To be honest, I can be slow when it comes to learning a new interface.  I don’t have the bandwidth (or choose not to) to learn new ways of doing things.  Old dog kind of mentality.  Flodesk was NOT confusing to learn.  It was the most user-friendly newsletter platform I’ve used, by far.  Which is saying a lot.

  • It is SO much easier to personalize.

These gorgeous templates make it so easy to plop in a photo, add an active link to important pages, and they’ve got cool arrows and squiggly lines that move in some of them.  Super cool things I’d never considered an option before Flodesk (unless I wanted to pay someone who codes a crazy amount of money to design each and every newsletter).  Flodesk also has an option where I can easily choose personal branding colors and my signature – soooo cool!

  • It was cheaper than MailChimp (and most other plans out there).

All total, I’ll be saving around $17/month after switching from MailChimp. And as we all know, every penny counts.  And, the great news is, I’ll be saving MORE as my email grows longer and longer.  Many of the past platforms I’ve used charge based on your email list.  $X up to 5,000, $X up to 10,000, and so on.  NOT Flodesk.  They charge a flat fee (and 50% off for life with my code).

  • The customer support team is straight up boss.

Flodesk customer support is super helpful and quick with their email chat function.  Plus, you get access to their Facebook group, a place chock-full of great ideas and where you can connect with other creative professionals.

  • I can effortlessly plan future emails, and set them up to go out at certain dates and times.

The Flodesk workflow page is a simple and intuitive interface.  I can easily plan and time my workflow sequence to build a nurturing connection with my audience.

  • The ease of editing is incredible.

I mean, we’ve all been there: staring at our computer screens, hands gripping hair, frustrated over the *tiniest* detail that will simply not go as we want. The days of technological frustration are over!  Add a text block, change the font, the size, the color, the alignment, the spacing…all in the same window.  Change the size of your photograph.  Have your photo be a link to something else.  Change grid & aspect ratios.  Add a photo, or two, or three, or four to that same block.  Seriously, easy peasy!!

  • It matches my Boss Lady vibe.

I feel like a go-getter navigating this platform. Every time a loading page appears, there is some sort of empowering or sweet message that appears. It really is cohesive to my “I got this, I’m awesome” vibe.

  • It’s actually fun to use.

This is related to some of the points above, but seriously guys, it’s so easy. Work is called work for a reason, or at least that is what we are told. Using a platform that aids something I do every day, now that really lessens the blow of “work”!

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